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Baking Tip – The BEST Way to Measure Flour

Truth. It matters how you measure flour. 

Baking Tip - The BEST way to measure flour |

I realize this sounds like a bit of non-subject. Everyone who has baked something in their life knows how to measure flour, right? I mean, most of us attempt to follow recipes to the letter. Unfortunately, a lot of recipes don’t specify how you measure the flour and it matters.

I’ve been reminded of this while baking various sugary treats this weekend for our now 2 year-old birthday princess. There’s been a frosted sugar cookie cake, mini doughnuts and chocolate cupcakes are still to come for a family party tomorrow. Lots of flour, lots of measuring. And I have to add that year 2 has definitely gone by faster than year 1. Why must time fly by so fast once you have a child?

Anyways, I feel compelled to talk to you about measuring because I want you to have the same results in your kitchen as I have in mine. I would be so disappointed if you baked my strawberry cupcakes, my angel biscuits or my chocolate banana bread and the end result was dry and dense.

If you’ve ever had these results when baking, it’s more likely than not that the flour was over-measured. Baking recipes are very different from cooking recipes. They are based on scientific formulas that balance fat, protein and liquid. Even a couple of extra tablespoons of flour can ruin this balance and you will end up with less than perfect results.

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Baking Tip – Homemade Baking Powder

Homemade Baking Powder - Want to improve your baking? Make homemade baking powder. Three ingredients, five minutes and no metallic aftertaste. It's worth it!|

This is really worth doing! I love to bake and I do it often enough that it’s worth it to mix up a small batch of homemade baking powder.

So why bother? Because you really can taste the difference. Commercial baking powders contain a preservative called aluminum-sulfate, which lends a metallic taste that is not very appetizing. I can’t imagine that it does your body any good either. This is especially prevalent in baked goods like scones, muffins and quick breads (angel biscuits, anyone?). I find it so much more gratifying to serve up baked goods that don’t contain this metallic aftertaste!

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