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Dark & Sticky Gingerbread

Best Gingerbread http://jenniferfeasts.com

Gingerbread. Why do we only make this at Christmas? It’s the perfect winter cake to console post-holiday blues. The twinkly lights and decorations have gone into hibernation, the sun still sets way too early for my liking, but I will not be defeated by January gloominess. It seems entirely appropriate to share a recipe full of warmth and comfort. And this is by far the best gingerbread I have ever tasted.

Best Gingerbread http://jenniferfeasts.com

It’s dark, spicy, soft and squidgy with a lovely snowfall of icing sugar on top. The perfect anecdote to help you through the dark, cold nights that follow the holiday season. And wow, does it make the house smell good! The gingery aroma emanating from the oven pulls me out of my post-Christmas slumber and gives me a boost of motivation that is desperately needed this time of year. And even better, the recipe couldn’t be easier. One bowl, mix, bake and eat.

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